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 Posted: Mon May 19th, 2008 10:59 pm
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I received the following e-mail, and just don't have time to research it. If anybody knows, post here and I'll e-mail her back...


Don't know if this is up your alley (just found your site) but I'm
searching for an civil war book, fiction, most likely juvenile, which I
read sometime in the early - middle 1960's.  The problem is I don't know
the book's name, author or date of publication.  All I know is that it
told the story of a young man from the North who joins up and is part of
General Sheridan's calvary.  I think the young man's name was Rick O'shay,
and his sidekick/mentor was Ocean Pond.  The author also wrote a companion
novel told from the Southern point of view about a young man and his
mentor who serve under Wade Hampton.  In the Southern story, the young man
is injured by a bear that Hampton is hunting, and is taken into the
Hampton mansion to recover, then follows him to the calvary.  Both North
and South boys are fleeing from bad homes and ill-intentioned
step-brothers, fathers, etc.

Yes, I tried the libraries, hours on the web, used book one
seems to know, so I thought, maybe civil war afficianados might have a
memory or a clue.  Thanks for anything you can do!

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