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 Posted: Sun May 25th, 2008 10:34 am
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I have recently been reading James M Perry's "Touched with Fire,- Five Presidents and the Civil War Battles that made them", brief wartime histories of Grant, Hayes, McKinley, Harrison and Garfield. The one that stands out to me is Garfield who comes across, in this book anyway, as a fascinating, devious,self promoting, successful egotist and I have to admit that until reading this book I had never heard of his campaign in the Big Sandy Valley, Kentucky, something not mentioned by Foote, Catton, the Times Life series or any of the other popular general histories of the war. I would like to learn more about this man especially his time as Chief of Staff to Rosecrans as this book all but credits him with the success of the Tullahoma Campaign. A book search throws up literally hundreds of books on the life of James A Garfield, and the bibliography of "Touched with Fire" has many listings. I am after a good single volume work , has anyone out there read one? Any suggestions?

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