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 Posted: Thu Jun 19th, 2008 01:13 am
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Well, I will point out that of the opinions you have received so far, no one has told you why Lincoln should not be admired, but rather why he should... That's about par based on my experience.
Some of my feelings toward "Da Man" are certainly based on the fact that I live in Springfield, and yes I do get sick of the Lincolnmania that passes for history around here where HE is concerned. Some of my bias, and that's what it is a bias...we all have them.. is based on the fact that I grew up in the southeast United States and have a pretty different perspective about things than you other posters.

When I think of Lincoln, I think of the Maryland legislature arrested to prevent a vote on Secession..., I think of the newspapers shut down to prevent or silence criticism of the Administration...hmmm anything like that goin on today? How many pictures of  caskets have you seen coming home from Iraq and the Stan in the newspapers or on TV? Ever wonder why?
I consider troops firing on civilians in New York because they didn't want to participate in a war....then I think of Kent State..
Read his 1st Innaugural and see what he has to say about slavery...then read about what he says about the collection of taxes and what would cause him to invade.

Lincoln has been sold as a "man of the people"...think of the myths you have heard all your life...reading by firelight, walking 20  miles to return a nickel overcharged a customer and the like...  what were his politics...he was a Whig...what was their platform? ... In his law practice he represented the railroads.. he bought some land in Nebraska using insider information .. sure he rode a circuit..all country lawyers of that era did.. but he got paid for his services, they weren't free In short there are so many myths about him, it is almost impossible to get to the truth.

Literally before the ink was dry on the Constitution the Presidents have been expanding their powers. What made Lincoln different was that he considered that he had unlimited power to act as he saw fit due to the war...sound sort of familiar...
It was his riding roughshod over the constitution that allowed the Federal Government to reign supreme over the states. From the WBTS until today there has been a steady erosion of power from the states and the people to the national government. As a result we see the behemoth that exists in DC and interferes into our lives on a daily and hourly basis. I can see the process really getting started with Mr Lincoln.
When I look at the President today and consider the trashing the constitution and especially the bill of rights has taken, I can see the work of Mr Lincoln in the background and that is a major reason why I do not revere him.

Now sit back and watch the wagons get circled as everyone jumps into the fray to "Prove" me wrong. This is what I mean about being deified.. He WILL be defended. Criticism will NOT be tolorated.


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