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 Posted: Thu Jun 19th, 2008 03:05 pm
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There is no doubt that he was a politician and a good poor politicians get to be president, wellll there are a few exceptions..Harrision comes to mind.
My main problem with Lincoln was his willingness to throw out the constitution to do what he wanted, right or wrong, during the war. Johan says there were not 300 newspapers shut down to silence criticism, but ONLY a half dozen or so.... So where is the threshold 1/2 dozen is about 1 1/2 dozen or even 2 dozen.. A semi free press is like being semi pregnant..
How many people did Stanton have imprisoned without trials or even hearings. Habus corpus has been suspended in this country 2 times.. are we better or worse off for that suspension?
Oddly Enough, I don't particualrily dislike Lincoln the man, I despise Lincoln the myth. I do not like the policies of Lincoln and the methods he employed, but as a person, he was probably Ok...more than likely did not beat his wife, probably wasn't gay and may have had no more that 100 or so of the illnesses attributed to him.

I am firmly convinced that the martyrdom began before his body cooled and continues to this day.

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