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 Posted: Fri Jun 20th, 2008 03:40 am
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Well my 2 cents...We could sit and Judge every President we ever had and then try to compare him to other Presidents. One was good and one was bad and so on. I think Lincoln was a simple man who actually thought out all the moves he made very carefully before he enacted upon them. As Shelby Foote had said "Lincoln had a knack of looking at himself from outside his own body and to see himself as others saw him"..Lets face it Lincoln was not popular North or South...He had many enemies in the North and people wanted the war stopped for many reasons and all good ones, too many deaths, too much money and so on. He had a heavy burden to bear for this Country to keep it going and freeing the slaves was not formost on his mind. The preservation of the Union was. So it is hard for us to Judge now what happened then...It is easy to for us to look back into History and come up with the what ifs and all but when History is actually happening you can not look back and you do not get a do over..You make a decision and hope to God it is the best that can be made..
I think Lincoln was good at that...We cannot blame him for poor Generals that kept the war going much longer than it may have had to. We can point the finger at anyone of our Presidents and find faults and also praises for them. But in my own feeling is " You can't really Judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes" and I believe his shoes would have been hard to fill....

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