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 Posted: Sun Jun 29th, 2008 12:58 am
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I tend to agree with j harold.

One of the few things that Howard did right when he reached the field was to put Von Steinwehr's division on Cemetery Hill in reserve. There were also more than 40 artillery pieces there. It was not an undefended position, nor was it lightly defended.

Keep in mind that Lee's order not to bring on a general engagement was still in effect late in the day despite the fact that obviously a general engagement was in progress. Heck, Lee isn't even on the battlefield until around 2 p.m. His orders, if anything, are discretionary to Ewell and Hill, who are both brand-new corps commanders. Hill tells Lee he cannot support Ewell in an attack on Cemetery Hill (which will require a major effort, including reforming the lines), and neither will Early. What, really, are Ewell's options at that point?

I don't see any insubordination on Ewell's part.

Could Jackson have taken the hill? Who knows? My guess is that he might have made an attempt but after a hard day of marching, fighting and pursuit but the chances for success are probably marginal at best.

On top of that, Slocum's 12th Corps is perhaps less than an hour away

But Jackson isn't there and it's unfair to put Ewell in Jackson's boots. They are not the same person. The real question, I think, is what could have happened if Gordon and Early don't pursue the 11th Corps through town, but rather bypass the town on the east and head straight to Culp's Hill? What then? Now you've got something to debate.

Sometimes it's tough to cut through the fog of war.

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