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 Posted: Sun Jun 29th, 2008 02:20 am
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Hello everyone,

I don't know about anyone out there, but at this time of June, I start to feel that "Gettysburg feeling." Can't describe it, except that in my mind I retrace where the Army of the Potomac and Army of Virgina were on this date. I make a point to read Gettysburg/retreat from Gettysburg material, etc.

One thing I've never done is attend a reenactment, Gettysburg or otherwise (interested, but with a 5-year old at home it's tough). I've visited a couple "living history" events in PA. I've been wondering what the best things and the worst things about reenactments are, from those of you who've been part of them, or attended them. I'll take into consideration that everyone has their own opinion, but since I do plan on going to one SOMEDAY, give me some idea what I'm in for!



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