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 Posted: Tue Jul 1st, 2008 02:53 pm
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I will be at the 145th of Gettysburg!! YEAY!! Our bus leaves tommorrow!!

Be prepared to walk and stand a lot. Since you'll be bringing along a 5 year old, prepare for him/her to not like the noise of the guns. Maybe this won't be a factor, but be ready just in case.

Be sure to ask questions, talk with the reenactors and let your child's curiousity blossom! Bring extra money in case you want to buy something from the sutlers (a book for yourself, a coloring book or toy for your child). I'd also bring some binoculars so you can get a closer look at the battle.

Most of all, enjoy the day with your child!

I hope y'all have fun and learn something you might not have known before!

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