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 Posted: Fri Jul 11th, 2008 03:20 pm
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  Ah- a different spelling- the bane of genealogists everywhere. Yes, I see a Richard "Preisser" in Co. E of the 41st NY. Someone got a little careless with a: "u" and it became an : i."

  As far as your original problem goes- without duty rosters it might be difficult to determine whether or not your man was actually at Gettysburg. It is possible that he is mentioned in someone's personal account of the battle, a member of his company perhaps. Its also possible that he is mentioned in some unit history.

  Here are some possible sources (scroll down). You might take a look at the books by Field and Sturcke, or Martin, or even Heusinger (how good is your German?  ;))

41st NY Infantry Regiment during the Civil War - NY Military Museum and Veterans Research Center

  Here is a picture of some 41st NY guys at Manassas in July of 1862.


41st new york infantry in a group at manassas - civil war soldiers

  You've probably seen it before, but it costs me nothing to include it.

  I wish you luck on finding out the truth, but the odds seem unfavorable.

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