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 Posted: Mon Jul 14th, 2008 09:41 pm
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Myself I have always, even since early childhood have thought that Mr Lincoln was anything but a normal everyday human being. Anyone who had direct contact with him commented that his presence left a huge possitive impression on them, even his enemies. His love, honesty, dedication, and impact on this/ or to this country has been matched by no one except for maybe Jesus perhaps, ( I hope no one takes offense to this I dont mean that as a direct comparison between the two) I think perhaps there was something supernatural about him. I dont want to start a huge debate but it drives me insane to read that this person says "he was a racist", that person says, "the war wasnt fought to free slaves" and so on. Perhaps Im just very naive, but any writings from or about Lincoln at the time the war began, do indeed agree with the war being fought over freedom and protecting the U.S constitution, All men are created equal. Lincoln since childhood disagreed with slavery. However just like today when the person is no longer around to defend themeselves the critics will have a field day. In all of the stories passed down by relatives, friends, and friends of relatives, not once have a heard of the war being fought for any other reason then to stop the treachery of slavery.

Quotes taken from Mr Lincoln:

"Although volume upon volume is written to prove slavery a very good thing, we never hear of the man who wishes to take the good of it, by being a slave himself."

Whenever I hear any one arguing for slavery I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally."

 Please understand I am just writing my opinion and that of what I see as facts, I mean no disrespect to anyone. Im sure there are many that have horrible opinions of Lincoln as President, but I hope many will agree that Lincoln the human being would be a wonderful roll model for many of the boys in our country today. Hmmmm perhaps I've gotten a bit to deep into this subject...........

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