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 Posted: Sat Aug 2nd, 2008 11:36 pm
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The Iron Duke wrote:
I think Cockrell's Missouri brigade was one of the best in the entire Confederate army.

That was Francis Marion COCKRELL, younger brother of Jeremiah Vardeman COCKRELL, who was better known as "Colonel Vard."

I've read some letters written to his older brother Vard, and it's obvious that Francis Marion COCKRELL was an exceptionally intelligent man, very cultured -- I once read somewhere online that before he practiced law that he was a professor of linguistics, which isn't surprising given how articulate he was with the written word.

It's quite difficult, however, tracking down just WHICH "Francis Marion" COCKRELL and WHICH "Jeremiah Vardeman" or "Vard" COCKRELL actually in fact, did what, where.

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