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 Posted: Sun Aug 3rd, 2008 12:10 am
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Hi there,

Thanks for posting those links - although I'm familiar with them, plenty of posters might not know anything about Brigader General Francis Marion Cockrell's older brother, "Colonel Vard."

Here are a couple links for you.

The first one occurs in your state, it's an account by a Pioneer District Attorney about traveling around northern Texas with former Missourian Judge Cockrell. I can't imagine how he did all that travel -- some time before he died, they discovered that during one of the times he was wounded in the war, that a bullet became lodged in his spine - and it wasn't discovered for decades, and was responsible for some type or version of paralysis, for which I don't yet have any details.

The second link is a FASCINATING story about a young girl helping to serve dinner to the (Missourian) Jessee James gang when they all showed up at the sister of Jesse's, at her home in Grayson County, Texas -- it's quite an engrossing read.

Pioneer District Attorney

Strong Connnections to Grayson County

There are so many men, all living at the same time who all have the surname COCKRELL, and are named either: Alexander, Simon, Francis, Vard, or Jeremiah. I see things attributed to Jeremiah Vardeman Cockrell frequently, that have no basis in fact. There's simply so many people with the same name and then people start attributing things to people who didn't have anything to do with them. Same name, wrong person. LOL

Texas Defender wrote:
Maranda Jane Cockrell-

  I don't have any specific information about how many Missourians travelled with Jo Shelby to Mexico or how many settled in Texas. I also have not researched information on how many of Quantrill's men settled in Texas.

  I can tell you that a number of Missourians made Texas connections years before the Civil War. Their number includes some of the Cockrells....

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