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 Posted: Sun Aug 3rd, 2008 03:09 pm
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Hi Texas Defender.

I plan to read a book called THE BLOODY SHIRT which is about Reconstruction.

Meantime, if you are interested in Jesse James, then perhaps you've come across a few online remarks that the Cockrell family is related to the James family.

I've never seen anything in the actual genealogical websites about any connection, it's just a few stray comments, that I didn't even save the webpages on. But they got my curiousity, wondering how that apparent myth arose, and I think that this interesting posting about Doc Holliday potentially posing as a Dr. D.L. Cockrell MIGHT have something to do with these stray comments.

I still haven't located any Cockrell named "Jesse James Cockrell," but I won't be surprised if I run across one, after reading this unique account from someone else's Family History.

"....His name was Dr. J.L. Cockrell, born about 1829 in Marion Co., GA. He was the 2nd husband of Eliza Thomas King. They met and married in Bette, MS. Family legend refers to Cockrell as the 'mysterious Dr. Cockrell'. When Eliza's 1st husband, William Barnett Meredith, died she and her children who were still young moved to Bette and met the Dr. who was a stranger in town and didn't talk much about himself. They married and had children, one of whom he named after Jesse James, a famed outlaw of that period. After news of the outlaw's death, the mysterious Dr. disappeared. Desendants believe that he was "DOC HOLIDAY", sidekick to Jesse James. Their other child was named Nora. Jesse James Cockrell was born about 1881 and Nora about 1883. I've done some research on the timeframes for these events and can't make anything fit..."

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