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 Posted: Sun Aug 3rd, 2008 03:16 pm
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izzy wrote:
I just tripped across this title at :

Desperate Measures: Jesse James and the Klan Battles of Reconstruction by Ganis, Shouse, and Bumgarner

Just passing on this info.

Thanks, Izzy -- I'm interested in some aspects of Reconstruction, as there have been several occasions where I've surfed across stray comments here & there about the activities of COCKRELLS after the end of the Civil War. For instance, in one place, I read that Colonel Vard Cockrell, AKA Jeremiah Vardeman Cockrell was active in the "Reign of Terror," -- however, if anyone of that name did participate, then it was another individual with the identical name, but is NOT the Confederate Colonel Vard, because in Texas, the account claims that he and his wife & children went along with General Jo Shelby to Texas where they resettled, so he couldn't possibly have been in Missouri to be active in what little I've located online about the "Reign of Terror."

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