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 Posted: Sun Aug 3rd, 2008 04:20 pm
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Maranda Jane Cockrell-

  Thanks for the interesting articles. I'm afraid that I know nothing about : "Uncle Si" Cockrell (born 1801). I do believe that the Cockrell brothers we've been discussing were grandsons of a Simon Cockrell (1745-1835) who was born in Virginia.

  I can tell you that no Cockrells are on my list of men who rode with Quantrill, though I certainly won't maintain that my list is perfect.

  I haven't done much research into Cockrell genealogy, but taking Francis Marion Cockrell as subject, it seems that:

  His parents were Joseph Cockrell and Nancy Ellis.

  His wives were : 1) Arethusa Stapp (1853) , died 1859, 2) Anne E. Mann (1867), died 1873, and: 3) Anna Ewing (1873).

  First cousins included Elisha Logan Cockrell  and Harrison Cockrell, who were both legislators and judges in KY. I note that some relatives in KY spell the name Cockrill.

  I'd be curious to find out more about this Simon Cockrell (born in 1801).

  This is a fine exercise, since I'm looking in places where I haven't looked before.  :)


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