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LONG.QUOTE from Rootsweb COCKRELL-L mail list
"......He [i.e., Simon...] was the brother of Alexander Cockrell who bought Dallas, Texas in 1852 from John Neeley Bryant, and was killed by the Sheriff on the streets of Dallas. Their mother was Sally Hunt who died in about 1830 in Johnson county, Missouri. This date was calculated based on the fact that she died when Alexander was 14 years old. Both of these Texas Heroes came to Texas very early in our history and served their country well! Joseph Cockrell, their father remarried Nancy Ellis who was born in 1803..... QUESTION??? Alexander Cockrell, the brother of the above Simon, came to Texas in about 1843 following runaway slaves, and stayed to join the Texas Rangers, and fight in the Mexican War of 1846, and was about to go home in about 1850 when he decided to visit his cousin, Wesley Cockrell who was living at Mountain Lake located just south of present day Dallas, Texas. It was during this visit that he met Wesley's neighbor, Sarah H. Horton whom he married and the rest is history, as they say! Was Wesley Cockrell the son of Simon Cockrell?
Edna Burket (abt 1819 HowardCo, MO-aft Nov 1850 TX) married Simon Wesley Cockrell (b. abt 1811 KY, son of John R. Cockrell) on 12 Feb 1838. The marriage is recorded in WashingtonCo records although family legends refer to a marriage in Hochheim, DeWittCo, TX. It is thought that Edna was dead in 1845 when the Burkett estate was partitioned and Simon Cockrell received a portion for his wife. However, the 1850 Federal Census for CaldwellCo lists family 91: Cockeral, Simon 36 KY; Edney 31 MO; Mary Ann 12 TX; William
W. 10 TX; Francis M. 6 TX; Ophelia C. 3 TX. Simon and Edna had children Mary Ann (b. 1838), William (Bill) W. (1840-1923), Francis (Frank) M. (b. 1844), Ophelia C. (b. 1847) and Polly (See Children of Edna & Simon Cockrell). † Simon Cockrell is thought to be the individual of the same name who was wounded at the Battle of Salado and whose narrow escape from death at the hands of C√≥rdova's Indians is the subject of multiple personal accounts of the battle. In 1837, Simon Cockrell received 320 acres bounty land in GuadalupeCo for service to the Republic of.....

LONG - continues at link, and states that this Simon Cockrell is half cherokee; that he takes the children of his late wife away from their grandmother and takes them to an Indian Camp, and elsewhere on that website, one of his children as an adult drops the surname, Cockrell; I think he becomes John William Wesley.

The person who has put together the Burket family history seems to be attributing to the Simon Wesley Cockrell some thngs that the newspaper article above state are done by the elder half-brother of JV and FM.

And here is a long messagethread about Kentucky Town, where Quantrill, et al, would all winter over. Kentucky Town is in the general vicinity of where General Joseph Shelby dropped off J.Vard and Maranda Cockrell and their five children ( - about whom, interestingly, there is nowhere online, NOWHERE, which lists ALL the names of ALL their children, lol.) :: GoneToTexas -
Kentucky Town, Grayson County

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