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 Posted: Tue Aug 5th, 2008 03:17 am
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Hi again, Texas Defender --- thank you so VERY much for sharing your expertise about Jesse James, the Civil War, and Texas history with me -- it is SO appreciated, as I would have taken months to track down the info you've provided.

I'm still a bit confused, but that is to be expected when trying to untangle the genealogy in that day & age.

It was VERY confusing a couple months ago - I'd happened across the name of my great grandmother, something I'd never known -- much less that her dad was the brother of a brigader general turned senator. LOL

It was VERY confusing researching JV, as there were literally dozens of Jeremiah Vardeman Cockrells.

Anyway, I although JV would probably be well acquainted with the James family, there were so many people in Johnson County who were related to Jesse James and to Cole Younger and surely everybody knew Quantrill -- but it does not follow that they participated directly in their activities.

I'm still intrigued with and curious about the idea of total families emigrating out of Missouri with Jo Shelby.

So you feel certain that Simon Cockrell is truly a different human being than Simon Wesley Cockrell, that's nice to learn.

Well, don't spend time here in this thread chatting --- y'all Texans got a big bad hurricane bearing down on you --- so spend your time & energy on serious preps for the onslaught of Nature.

Thanks again!

Oh, incidentally, I am open to any of my ancestors doing anything -- but JV, apart from lawyering & farming & being a judge & being a Congressman - he was also a Methodist Episcopal minister, and he is one of the original contributors to the college fund which ended up building Southern Methodist University -- so it's been a bit of cognitive dissonance occasionally seeing some of the stuff attributed to him, which probably is attributable to other men of the same name.


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