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 Posted: Fri Aug 8th, 2008 07:13 am
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I agree with you about Lee's overagressiveness. See my 2 reviews of Edw. Bonekemper's new book on Grant and Lee on this board. The most stunning statistic is that in his first 14 months of command, Lee lost (KWM) as many men as he started out with with the ANVA: 80,000 when the North had a 4:1 manpower advantage. The math was never going to add up.

I disagree with you that Lee or any Confed. was ever gong to gain any real strategic advantage. Their job was not to win the war but to win the defense, wear down the North and gain European recognition. Any territorial advantage they gained would ultimately be lost because the North would just flood in more troops. When Gettysburg started, Lincoln called out the militias from 4 states: the Reserves!! After a point for Davis, he was like Leigh-Mallory during the battle of Britain when he was looking at a flight board that showed all the RAF planes that were up. He asked the CO: how many reserves do we have? The CO replied: Sir, there are no reserves. As one wag said about the final draft call: Davis was robbing both the cradle and the grave.


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