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 Posted: Sun Aug 17th, 2008 02:59 am
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For the Union, I'd say the Army of the Potomac because I have to admire their tenacity against a formidable adversary but still managed to finally prevail  even with an assortment of commanders.  Lincoln didn't mind changing generals whenever they let him down or did not show promise. It boggles my mind that the AotP was able to experience victory at Gettysburg when their commander, George Meade was assigned so late in the rush to Pennsylvania.

For the CSA, I have to say the long-suffering, hard knocks, rag-tag Army of Tennessee that struggled on, ragged, dirty, often barefoot, and starving until the bitter end. They seldom had the commanders they deserved or needed.

Yeah, I am a Yank, but I just have to admire, even LOVE this army because it was asked to sacrifice so much and received so little in return, not even getting fed all too often.

If you are looking for heartbreak for whatever reason, just read about the retreat of the beaten and battered Army of Tennessee as it slogs back out of Tennessee--usually barefoot-- after the demoralizing and crippling defeats at Franklin and Nashville. This scene just has to melt the hardest Yankee heart.

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