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 Posted: Thu Aug 21st, 2008 05:40 pm
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--Attacking during the 7 Days
--Splitting his forces and going on the offensive in the 2nd Manassas campaign
--Splitting his force three ways in the Antietam Campaign
--Holding his position the day after Antietam
--Opposing Davis on the ground to defend at Fredericksburg because he could not follow up with an offensive
--Chancellorsville Campaign force divided four ways and he is still attacking successfully
--Gettysburg on the offensive north again, on the offensive all three days of the battle (Pickett's Charge may be desperate in hindsight but it was unequivocally audacious)
-- Despite the thrashing of Gettysburg he is still attempting to seize the initiative and attack at Bristoe Station
--North Anna he tries to do and nearly succeeds at what Davis wouldn’t let him do in December of 1862.
--Ft Stedman

I’m probably missing some things but go ahead, try to call the man not audacious one more time, I dare you! ;)

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