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 Posted: Tue Aug 26th, 2008 03:59 am
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"Early moves on Washington did not seem to excite Grant much and once to sent Sheridan. Early's days were numbered..."

Yes it certainly did excite Grant. He sent men from the Army of the Potomac, including the sixth corps I believe, to reinforce the defenses of Washington.

"If I remember right Early was extorting money from a town or two not a good image that makes but history forgets the bad things the south did."

Early's actions at Chambersburg are well known and documented. There is no vast conspiracy at work.

"Jerusalem Plank Road shows the punch of the AoNV was not a knock out punch anymore..."

Never said it was. But it still had fight.

"I see we have lost sight of Lee being audacious or not..."

I don't see that we have. Can you name any other general, north or south, that took the risks that Lee took? The only one that remotely comes close is Grant.

"Cleburne is here!" meant that all was well. -Daniel Harvey Hill
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