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 Posted: Tue Aug 26th, 2008 11:40 pm
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  Thats total hogwash and shows a complete lack of understanding of those in the south who were determined to go their own way. But by the time that Mr. Lincoln was inaugurated, seven states had made their decision and the die was cast. (They did so because they did NOT see Mr. Lincoln as another Buchanan.). No speeches were going to change it. They were NOT going back.

  Some of the southerners might have thought that those in the north had no stomach to fight a war to force them to stay. Others might have thought that the war would end quickly with the southerners prevailing. In this they were mistaken, as history has shown.

  In their minds, however, they were the ones being pushed around. They felt , rightly or wrongly, that they had been treated unfairly for many years. They would fight if they had to to gain their independence. And fight they did.


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