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 Posted: Wed Aug 27th, 2008 01:15 am
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   Slavery was no more evil in 1860 than it was in 1787, when the Founding Fathers set about writing the Constitution. The entire country began with the north and the south compromising on the issue of slavery, because otherwise there would have been no Constitution.

  Those in the southern states who descended from the Founding Fathers were no less noble than their northern counterparts. Slavery was still legal in parts of the non-Confederate states until December of 1865. If the large scale planatation system had been feasible in the north, it would have been adopted there.

  You continually cite Jackson's threats during the Nullification Crisis. But that dispute was also settled by compromises, not your so-called: "Fist of justice." By 1861, the federal government had more than just a legal dispute with SC to deal with. It had pent up anger built up over generations.

  The southerners were not children as you see them. Nor were they the villainous cowards that you imagine them to be. I repeat again that by 1861, they were ready to fight if they had to. They could have backed down, but they didn't.

  Before Ft. Sumter, there was considerable sentiment in the north to let them leave peacefully. After that, Mr. Lincoln was able to rouse public opinion in the north to raise an army and fight a war. If the southerners were willing to fight the twenty millions of the north, they were not to be cowed by Mr. Lincoln's speeches. The fact that they fought is proof that your intimidation theory is false.

  From what I've seen of your bitter invective on this and other threads ("slim balls" (SIC), "slave lords", "flesh dealers", and a number of others), you obviously have a burning hatred for the people of the southern states in 1861, of which only a small percentage were slaveholders. They fought to preserve their way of life as they saw it.

  You seem quite upset to discover that others here do not believe as you do. You repeat the same things over and over again, apparently expecting a different result. In my view, the petulant child here is you.

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