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 Posted: Thu Aug 28th, 2008 07:43 pm
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At the infamous Hornets nest during the Battle of Shiloh the union forces hold off the rebels giving Gen. Grant extra time to bring up reinforcements.

Eventually Gen. Prentiss surrenders the Hornets nest position to the rebel and is consider a hero by the public of that day and later by historians. Gen. Grant doesn't consider what Prentiss did during the Battle of Shiloh as important as the public or historians do. Gen. Grant offers no acknowledgements of Gen. Prentiss actions in either his "Reports" or "Memoirs".

So who is more correct Historians or Gen. Grant about Gen. Prentiss at Shiloh?

Does Gen. Grant know something Historians are forgetting about at Pittsburgh's Landing?

Does Gen. Grant just not like Gen. Prentiss as some Historians claim?

There was Gen. W.H.L. Wallace who's men where at Sunken road and fought as well as Gen. Prentiss men did at the Hornets nest. The action at Sunken road cost Gen. W.H.L. Wallace life but no claims of being a hero. Where is the justice for Gen. W.H.L. Wallace?

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