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 Posted: Fri Aug 29th, 2008 04:11 pm
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Did the Confederate government consider an invasion to take over the government of KY in 1861?  Did Governor Magoffin ever invite (officially or unofficially) Confederate troops into KY after the (pro Union) state legislative elections in early August 1861?

I am only running into references of piecemeal Confederate moves into KY:  Polk occupies Columbus to block the Federals from supposedly moving into western KY and down the Mississippi River; and, Zollicoffer, at Cumberland Gap, is ordered into southeastern KY in response to Grant's move to Paducah KY.

A.S. Johnston takes over Department Number Two on September 10th.  Does anyone know if Johnston discussed a stategic plan to take control of KY with anyone in the Confederate government before he travelled west?

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