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 Posted: Fri Aug 29th, 2008 07:58 pm
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Thanks for the tip on Army of the Heartland.  I've just read the first three chapters.  What a mess.  TN Governor Harris' focus on the defense of the Mississippi to the detriment of his northern border and the Unionist sentiment in East TN created real problems later.  Then throw in Polk/Pillow.  Add in the overblown idea that as soon as A.S. Johnston arrived, all would be straightened out. Then top it off with ASJ's inexperience.

It looks like the only one that had a good idea of what to do about KY was Buckner.  Too bad he was not in charge.

Still, Connelly's book does not say much about what the Confederate govt thought about the situation.  Were they dominated by Harris' Mississippi River defense and invasion of Trans Mississippi theories?  Or did they not know what to think and just threw the whole problem into Johnstons court?

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