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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2008 01:56 am
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PamC, I bought Trudeau's book used at It came in perfect condition and I paid far less than the new price. That is how I buy most of my Civil War books, used at Amazon.

Also, I have another suggestion. Instead of concentrating on Sherman's March, check out the Atlanta Campaign. That follows Sherman vs Johnston then John Bell Hood as they fight their way from Northern Georgia down to Atlanta. There are several very interesting battles such as Kennesaw Mountain. For myself, I find this phase of Sherman's presence in Georgia more compelling. It is also instructive how Johnston struggled as he fell backward toward Atlanta.

Two excellent books about this campaign are:

Atlanta 1864: Last Chance for the Confederacy by Richard M. McMurry, Paperback

Decision in the West: The Atlanta Campaign of 1864 by Albert Castell, Paperback

You really do not need to read both of these books unless you are really super interested in the Atlanta Campaign. I bought both books at Amazon used.


I came back to add one of the most interesting battles of Sherman's post-Atlanta March is the battle of Griswoldville, the battle I call the "old men and boys" battle. You can find descriptions of this battle on the Internet. Just do a Google search. I don't know if any book has been written about it.

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