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 Posted: Sat Aug 30th, 2008 02:52 pm
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Bama46 wrote: While you are pondering, consider that the Hornets nest is a name given by brave men who fought there.. You have no right to sully their memories or their experiences.
I have frankly had about enough.

You may disagree..You may not disrespect!


Bama I have not sully any memories or other all I am trying to do is fine the history behind something. Things did not add up!!!

Prentiss is this hero of history!!

Grant never acknowledges anything special about Prentiss service on that day?

I ask why???

No sully memories involved only why??

Now with the help of Warp10 I understand for the most part that there was not a place called Hornets nest until after the battle. So Grant did not know this.. It is obvious that Grant did not think Prentriss did anything more special then the other Div. commanders that day. I see that it is lore that raises Prentiss to his place in Shiloh history with him being a good promoter... I had a question and now it is answered many times the answer it not to our liking but it is truth...

I did not sully any soldiers memory--I have great reference for the Civil War and the people who served in it but I do not like lore hidding the truth...One might like those stoies of lore but we should know the truth behind it... 



When I read history and things do not add up then I try to find out why??

I do come to these boards for banter but also to answers to my questions. I ask questions in a way so people want to prove me wrong. I will press them to prove me wrong the goal is to find an answer. You may think I am rude or annoying but there is a method to my madness..If I do not strike some passion then there is no banter and no answers for me..

I tried the nice approach an get stock answers that is not finding truth...Bama, I'm just annoying but it is a must....



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