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 Posted: Sun Aug 31st, 2008 05:39 am
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If you've ever walked the "Sunken Road" Bloody Lane at Antietam, you'd know the difference. At Antietam,that road is three to four feet below the surface on either side. As I understand it, the "Sunken" Lane at Shiloh was maybe three to four inches lower than either side. Not exactly "sunken" by comparison.

The cover in the Sunken Lane was not the depression but the underbrush fronting it. From the Confederate perspective, you could not see the Yanks hidded behind it. From the Confederate perspective, you could see only the smoke. There was no other indication of the man behind it. So you could shoot that way, but there was little hope of hitting someone -- they were hugging the ground. And loading while lying there, and shooting again.

I believe it was Stacey Allen that brought that home to me. If you were hidden in the brush, and there were Confederates advancing against you, you simply shot them as they advanced.

That's one scenario. the other is that there were no pressing charges against the Hornet's Nest. Wasn't no one going to dash themselves against that sort of fire. These guys were not stupid.

"Bury them where the fell, was Grant's order. But there is no trench on that field (Duncan's). It would appear that the stories are a bit lacking.


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