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 Posted: Mon Sep 1st, 2008 03:02 am
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Tom - thank you. All I really do is plagiarize what I pick up from others, but I do appreciate the kind words. :) Are you a ranger at the park?

5fish - I suspect that Tom can answer this much better than I can, but I think they have done some ground penetrating radar studies on some or all of the five known mass grave sites around the park.

As I think I read in one of Tim Smith's books, the commission that created the park in the 1890's identified nine of these mass graves, and I think park officials believe there are as many as twelve. But for some reason only five were ever marked, and the location of the remaining sites is currently unknown. I suspect they will be found someday, but the park is so vast, and so much of it is covered with trees and undergrowth, that locating them just seems like an incredibly difficult job. As I think I said in a different thread on this subject (as Ed alluded to), if the five existing sites were not already marked, I wouldn't know they were there. They would just blend into the surroundings. I'm afraid that will be the case with the remaining sites, although again, I do think some day they will be discovered. Or maybe "rediscovered" would be a better way to put it.


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