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 Posted: Thu Sep 4th, 2008 01:37 pm
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Land of Plenty, Sherman's men... what the thread was originally about showed it to be. 60,000 men marched through Georgia from Atlanta to Savannah barely touching the rations they brought w/ them. Instead finding plenty from the area... an area not by any means the most heavily populated in Georgia.

Savannah was starving because the CS govt refused to allocate any rolling stock to bring in food from elsewhere, instead it was being fed by those who brought in wagon or mule loads of produce for market. Much of which stopped when govt tithing agents confiscated their 10%... which was often entire loads meant for market and very rarely only 10% especially when added to the knowledge that most of those rural farmers had already paid their 10% when tithing agents came to their farms and took... usually more than 10%. This food was then shipped to Richmond, some which even found its way to the Army, much of which was "acquired" by the wealthy and the politicians. The CS govt was quite aware of the shifty goings on w/ the tithing system and never did anything about it.

Andersonville... the nearest towns were not starving, at all. They also weren't providing any produce for sale to the camp. At least twice locals who brought produce to sell were turned away. Wirz made no efforts to alleviete the food shortages in the camp. When it looked as though US Cav might arrive to liberate the camp two Napoleans, double shotted w/ Canister, were pointed into the camp. Note,into the camp, not at the avenues of approach for advancing enemy cavalry. CS intent was quite clear.

As I said it was ugly in any POW camp in the CS. Andersonville was worse than most due to incompetance of those commanding it. Elmira wasn't any better. Rock Island, better than many as the same rations supplied the guards were supplied the POW population. None were pleasent... then again the US made a very real, if failed attempt to free POWs. The CS never even thought about it.

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