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 Posted: Tue Sep 9th, 2008 12:49 am
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44th VA Inf,

Unless you are taking a break to read up on those questions asked of you, don't quit now.

The folks on this board have read and discussed long and hard about the war we all are fascinated with, and are still, though it might not look like it to you at the moment, very interested in expanding their knowledge. I have to give you much credit for jumping in on some really intricate topics that I myself probably would enjoy reading more than entering. Great to learn from, but a little cut throat for my taste. Kudos to you.

However, just know that when you jump into the waters here, make sure you have plenty of facts (make that real facts, not opinions) and quotes to back you up. That's part of the deal here. Notice how many people quote from books or websites? They have a degree of ease with this because they've done it for years, but you have to start doing it to get good at it. This isn't Wikipedia or a personal blog, so people are going to expect you to back things up. But you already seem to have a rudimentary knowledge and a passion for the subject, so you've got a good start.

Good luck, 44th, and I look forward to your posts!



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