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 Posted: Mon Sep 15th, 2008 08:04 pm
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Thrice, Lee was brought to bay during the war.

First, at Antietam on the 18th, he had his back to the Potomac, commanding an exhausted army and facing the far fresher and larger AotP. Lee's legions had marched back and forth the day before, were poorly fed and shod and been fighting defensively under the constant pounding of the long-range Union artillery. On the 18th, McClellan had Porter's fresh 5th corps and a couple of other divisions that had been defending Little Mac's left against a now dissolved CSA threat. McClellan knew esactly where Lee's flanks were and where his only escape route lay.

Similarly, after Gettysburg, Lee had his back to a river, only this time it was uncrossable.

Finally, the last time, at Peterburg, he could not withdraw from that citadel. We know the result of that pickle...


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