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 Posted: Tue Sep 16th, 2008 02:48 am
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I love "What if's", if only for discussion's sake.
The 2nd Delaware (the "Crazy Delawares" as McClellan would call them after the battle) was one of the units that was right there; ready to split the rebel army when they had to be ordered three times to fall back (hence the sobriquet).
Now, to the question: I believe Lee would've used both Jackson and Longstreet to rally the men, as well as himself (ala Wilderness) to establish a line of defense, however sparse, in order to allow most of the army to retreat across the river.
Porter most likely would've been pensive about committing to an all out push. He wasn't McClellan's friend for nothing.
It's an excellent question. Certainly worthy of more thought than I've just given it now. But, I always enjoy reading what others post and learning from them than I do hearing my own "gas."

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