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 Posted: Tue Sep 16th, 2008 03:41 pm
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Southern Son, might I ask what is a Loyal Southerner? Where do the 250,000 odd southerners who fought for the US stand when the total under arms for the CS was in the neighborhood of 750,000? One thing I learned after I began reading on the Civil War was just how wrong I was in the belief that it was North vs South. Before I began actually studying I firmly believed the lines were clearly drawn at the Mason Dixon. Then I learned about North Alabama, West Virginia, East Tennesse, North Georgia etc. Every single CS state had large areas that were very pro US. I was suprised and when I discovered that these were areas where slavery was at a minimum I was further suprised. I began to ask questions and started to read further.

I think the term "Real" or "Loyal" Southerner is not an accurate nomicker. More accurate might be "Real" or "Loyal" Confederate.

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