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 Posted: Tue Sep 16th, 2008 08:29 pm
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Yes Pam it's my hometown. Sadly very little of the battlefield remains. There are a few small parks that are within the core area. Sevier Park which surrounds Sunnyside Mansion has about 30 acres that was between the two lines during the first day of the battle.

Small sites the size of a lot like Redoubt No. 1 (last to fall of a series of rebel forts built to protect the left flank near present day green hills mall) and Shy's Hill (pivotal point of day 2) are preserved with the help of Battle of Nashville Preservation Society. ( is their website.

There is a driving tour linking some 30 or so markers throughout the southern edge of the city. Unfortunately, I-440 was built directly through the battle line on the first day. And other school campuses such as Vanderbilt and David Lipscomb University built over significant portions also.

Recently the city renovated Fort Negley, near downtown and put together a 2 million dollar interpretive center (renovations plus the museum/center) which I have been to and it is very informative....if not a reminder of the lost battlefield.

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