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 Posted: Wed Sep 17th, 2008 02:42 am
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Thanks for that link Ole. It was quite the discussion.

I agree with Bama's reflection on Hood's wounds. In the Atlanta Campaign (previous to replacing Johnston) I recall his performance was rather mediocre.

Considering the two attempts Johnston took to lash out at Sherman, Hood's Corps was to lead the blow...and Hood either did not act (Cassville). Or Hood did not coordinate his attacks (Resaca/Kolb's Farm etc.. It was not just Hood, as the AoT seemed to consistently worry about it's flank and front and second guess Sherman's whereabouts.

But it truly is a wonder that with several able men and a number ranked Major General or better, who had served with that army through many campaigns...that command passed to Hood, who had only experienced corps command for a couple months.

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