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 Posted: Thu Sep 18th, 2008 12:35 am
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I've been continuing to read up on Hood, and especially the sequence of events that led to Hood's appointment by Davis to command the AotT in July 1864. He did very well at Chickamauga, breaking the Federal line, and ultimately losing his leg but being recommended for promotion by Longstreet. I suppose it helped that he and Jefferson Davis, during Hood's recouperation, developed a close personal relationship. When it came down to who to replace Johnston with, William Hardee or Hood, Bragg recommended Hood. But what I find really telling is the lukewarm response Lee gives when Davis asks his opinion of Hood:

"Hood is a good fighter, very industrious on the battlefield, careless off, and I have had no opportunity of judging his action, when the whole responsibility rested upon him.I have a very high opinion of his gallantry, earnestness and zeal. General Hardee has more experience in managing an army. May God give you wisdom to decide in this momentous matter."

To me, this is sort of, "He's okay, he certainly puts forth a good show, but you have to watch him, and maybe Hardee would have more experience when you need it, like now, so good luck deciding." I frankly don't know a lot about Hardee prior to this, so I can't make an honest opinion. Actually, based on what I read into Lee's words, it sounds like the choice Davis had either way was not the best. Just my humble opinion!


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