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 Posted: Sat Sep 20th, 2008 04:52 pm
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Excellent observation, Pam, but I couldn't think of another word for Grant's action at Petersburg.

What he did looks like plodding, but he didn't just sit. Lee was dug in and a rush to take him would have cost many lives. Lee wasn't going anywhere.

Every day Grant moved to improve his encirclement and cut the rails into Petersburg. Others more familiar with that particular fracas will have to chime in here, but I read it that Grant knew the war was over and that he had no compelling reason to press the issue. (The "needless effusion of blood" thing)

The west was all but over with the only conceivable threat being Hood's AotT. Taylor couldn't cross the Mississippi and Sherman was loose and striking terror in Georgia and the Carolinas. And Lee was stuck protecting Richmond. It was over. He had only to wait until Lee tossed in the towel. I think history would have found Grant irresponsible for storming works that didn't need to be stormed.

We might say that he went for the decision rather than the knockout.


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