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 Posted: Sun Sep 21st, 2008 01:30 am
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I'm working my way to the Battle of Five Forks, and so have been reading through Lewis Farm and Dinwiddie Court House. I was surprised by two things: first, I do know that Pickett gets a bad rap because of his "performance" at Five Forks, but I was slightly impressed with his performance at Dinwiddie Court House. To have stopped and pushed back Sheridan's cavalry was a feat for Pickett's men, though they had as incentive the fact that they COULD NOT allow the Union to take Five Forks or that would be the end of them. So Pickett came through when it counted. . . though in the scheme of things, it only delayed the inevitable.

The second thing I was initially surprised at was Sheridan's take on this battle. He told Grant that Pickett was "too strong for us, " and that he'd hold on to Dinwiddie Court House until he was "compelled to leave." But later he seemed to have come to the realization that, being cut off from support was more dangerous for Pickett than for him, since if Pickett would get cut off from Lee, there'd never be a chance for him to get back. With this came a sort of cat-and-mouse attitude: okay, so we stopped today. We'll get them tomorrow.

Can you tell I'm enjoying learning a new battle?


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