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 Posted: Mon Sep 22nd, 2008 01:59 pm
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44th VA INF wrote: i would like to hear where you go this information because im hear to learn


These will begin your education, most if not all should be available through the library system.


Beatty, John The Citizen Soldier The Memoirs of a Civil War Volunteer, Bison Books 1998.


Carter, Samuel, The Siege of Atlanta, 1864, Bonanza Books.


Cist, Henry M., Campaigns of the Civil War.-VII. The Army of the Cumberland, Castle Books, 2002.


Coburn, Mark, Terrible Innocence General Sherman At War, Hippocrene Books, 1993.


Cox, Jacob D., Campaigns of the Civil War.-IX. Atlanta, Castle Books, 2002.


Cox, Jacob D., Campaigns of the Civil War.-X. The March to the Sea-Franklin and Nashville, Castle Books, 2002.


Engle, Stephen D., The American Civil War, the War in the West 1861-July 1863, Osprey Publishing, 2001.


Flood, Charles Brace, Grant & Sherman, Farrar, Staus & Giroux, 2005.


Gallagher, Gary W., Causes Won,Lost & Forgotten, UNC Press, 2008.


Gates, Paul W., Agriculture and the Civil War, Borzoi Book, 1962.


Glatthaar, Joseph T., The American Civil War, The war in the West 1863-1865, Osprey Publishing, 2001.


Glatthaar, Joseph T., The March to the Sea and Beyond, New York University Press, 1985.


Greene Francis V., Campaigns of the Civil War.-VIII. The Mississippi, Castle Books, 2002.


Hitchcock, Henry, Marching with Sherman, University of Nebraska Press, 1995.


Johnson, Mark W. That Body of Brave Men, Da Capo Press, 2003.


Newton, Steven H. Lost for the Cause the Confederate Army of 1864, Savas Publishing Company, 2000.


Sherman, William T., Memoirs of William T Sherman, DeCapo Press1984.


Wiley, Bell Irvin, The Life of Billy Yank, Louisiana State University Press, 1978.


Wiley, Bell Irvin, The Life of Johnny Reb, Louisiana State University Press, 1978.


Woodworth, Steven E., Nothing but Victory The Army of the Tennessee, Knoph, 2005.

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