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 Posted: Mon Sep 22nd, 2008 03:11 pm
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Hey ole, what do ya mean about "We have preachers who do that with regularity".

What do you think I mean?

I hope it ain't Southern preachers. I mean they act funny, but very few do that!!!

Correct! Very few do that. (Point made?)

Its probably up north somwhere. Those yankee pastors don't know how to control themselves (pause for laughter)

Tain't funny. There is no discernable deference among perverts, north, south, east, west, central, upper, lower or anywhere in between. If a teacher, pastor, priest, congressman (or even a governor or a president), let alone an ordinary citizen, will risk exposure in a tightly knit community, how much easier would it be for a soldier who's sent off the the admonition: "behave!"?

Johan has stated his belief that there were many more incidences than were officially recorded. I concur. There could be many, many more that were not reported for various reasons. In fact, it's logical to assume there were, but the idea that such crimes were ordered and received sanction is carrying on with an agenda other than the love of history.


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