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 Posted: Tue Sep 23rd, 2008 06:37 pm
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Franklin and the State seem to have awakened. The primary battlefield itself is covered with light industrial. The focus, The Carter House, is marvelously maintained and I hear that part of the Carter Garden has been purchased.

Standing on the Winstead Hill markers, you look over a sea of pre-fab steel buildings, but if your imagination works, you can see fields and scattered farm buildings en route to Carter's Gin and where the Union works were.

The former Pizza Hut is approximately where Cleburne fell. (Haven't seen many agree on the exact spot.) And the former golf course/country club, with Carnton, are the grounds across which Hood's right flank traversed.

Ft. Granger itself is preserved nicely and, standing there, you can clearly see Winstead Hill (again over the sea of metal-roofed buildings) and much of the ground over which all of Hood's forces advance.

If you're looking for pristine battlefields, Franklin isn't it; but the City has made a good start, and it is easy enough to visualize movements.


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