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 Posted: Sun Sep 28th, 2008 06:44 am
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I can't see Shiloh as a CS victory or even as a draw. Day 1 succesful assault that petered out due to poor staff work, & worse Command and Control. Day 2... US counterattack that drove the CS from all of their day 1 gains and forced them to withdraw all the way to their start line and further. W/ the exception of Chickamauga, which can be argued as a counterattack, the CS would never again really hold the initiative west of the Appalachia.

Even w/ Hood TN campaign there was never again a Major CS strike into US territory w/ the realistic goal of retaking trerritory lost. Strategicly the CS in the West was moving backward, giving up territory; while there were localized successes in retaking territory it was never for the long term.

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