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 Posted: Tue Oct 7th, 2008 08:37 pm
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There are two documents that are regarded as the pillars of our way of governmnent and of our liberty, The US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Many get them confused, and the constitution for all intent and purposes is an afterthought at best. In the recent rush to bailout the financial industry, not one politician or media type, nor anyone else I am aware of even asked if there just might be a constitutional issue with the bailout.
That leaves the Declaration of Independence. That document spells our both rights and duties we as Americans have with respect to our relationship with our government. I couched the question in light of secession becasue this is, after all, a civil war board, and the only time the government was even seriously threatened was during that conflict. Even then, the issue was "let us go" rather than "get outta here ya bums"

NOt one person seems to be willing to discuss the document and what it meant at the time of the revolution vs the ACw vs today


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