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 Posted: Fri Oct 10th, 2008 06:14 pm
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JDC Duncan,

You CAN get the Collector's Edition of "Gettysburg" as a box set, I have it on VHS-am not sure about on DVD.  I found mine on ebay after pricing it in Gettysburg on a trip.  It was around 49.99 in Gettysburgh and I got my set for 12.00 on ebay. 

The set came with a video on the making of "Gettysburg", a book of Gettysburg art,  pictures of Longstreet, Chamberlain, Buford and Lee, the CD sountrack to the movie and a .50 caliber bullet.  Not too bad for 12 dollars.

Check ebay under "Gettysburg Box Set" that was the seach I found mine under.

Devils Den

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