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 Posted: Wed Oct 22nd, 2008 12:54 am
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I will be there, to spectate, not participate. My family and I have been attending the Remembrance Day parade for years, before my son was born. Now six, my son LOVES the music and the horses; he's been able to tell the difference between Union and Confederates since he was three. We usually pick a spot near the start of the parade, closer to the "square" in Gettysburg, and then after the parade has passed, we head for the battlefield instead of the huge crowd on Cemetery Ridge. I think the memorial dedications the individual units have at their monuments are more touching than braving the huge crowds. We always go to the 153rd PA monument on Barlow's Knoll, because of my ancestor who fought in that unit. Last year, when I explained to my son that the flowers and red, white and blue ribbon at the base of the monument were put there in honor of the men who fought there, he asked, "Can we bring flowers next year, too?" That pretty much made my day!

If you haven't been there, it is an experience. If you don't like the tourists, stand on a side street for the parade and spend more time on the battlefield. And if you want some real fun, head to O'Rourke's for a little imbibing and music!

As an aside, the Confederates in the parade are way more "colorful" than the Union; that chant of "Virginia! Virginia! Virginia!" gets me every time!


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