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 Posted: Thu Aug 10th, 2006 03:48 am
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My argument is not about who won the War, the argument is that Lee was not only superior to Grant, but to any other commander the North could produce.  I am biased towards the South, because I am from the South.  But, Grant didnt really defeat Lee.  Lee defeated Lee at Gettysburg, and never had the strength to launch another major offensive.  Still, Lee was the greatest military genius of the War(Stonewall Jackson or N.B. Forrest being the second).  Grant just finished off a dimenished army; an army which had already drained its nation's economy of resources, and was slowly detiorating.  Every man the North lost was quickly replaced.  Every man the South lost was never replaced.  I guess what it amounts to is that the South had better commanders, but nothing else in its pocession was superior to what the North had at its disposal.


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