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 Posted: Thu Aug 10th, 2006 07:43 pm
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Cold Harbor was a defeat for Grant all right, just as Malvern Hill, Gettysburg, the Mule Shoe and Ft. Stedman were for Lee, just to name one from each year he was in command of the ANV.  But maybe I should have bolded "decisive" for you.  None of Lee’s victories were ultimately decisive.  That is not true of Grant however; he had a string of decisive victories at Ft. Donelson, Vicksburg, Chattanooga and Appomattox.  Grant got knocked down at Cold Harbor no doubt but he got back up and whipped Bobby Lee. 

He also had more grit and determination than Lee, you never heard Grant whining after a loss about maybe I need to be relieved for the good of the country, like Lee did after Gettysburg.  He was determined to achieve victory and he did.  And cut the “Butcher Grant” rants because Lee bled the ANV dry with his “butcher’s bill” of 1862-3, incurring far too many losses than he could afford and gaining absolutely nothing after paying the devil’s extortionate  bill.

Buell had very little to do with saving Grant's bacon at Shiloh the AOT did it on their own, Buell's addition only kept Shiloh from becoming stalemate and allowed the battle to be turned into yet another Union victory.

I am non-partisan actually, but do insist on accuracy.

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