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 Posted: Thu Aug 10th, 2006 09:36 pm
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And Grant would've been destroyed at Shiloh if Buell had not arrived at the last minute.  Grant did not win Shiloh, Buell did


Is this statement merely your opinion or can you back it up with some hard facts? If you have not already done so I would encourage you to read Shiloh: Bloody April by Wiley Sword, Shiloh:The Battle That Changed the Civil War by Larry J. Daniel and the Blue & Gray Shiloh issue with the text by park historian Stacy D. Allen. These three men wrote definitive studies of the battle and all three disagree with your statement. If they are not to be trusted then a sit down with the Official Records is in order. If all else fails come here to Shiloh and I will give you a tour that may open your eyes.

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